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Ergonomic Team Education

Ergonomic teams play a critical role in the implementation and sustainability of an ergonomics program.
Many times ergonomic teams are only taught to perform basic risk measurements, which bring minimal value to a company.  The goal is to provide the ergonomics team with the skills to find, document, and the quickly resolve problems that are creating or leading to musculoskeletal discomfort, quality concerns, or lead to productivity problems.
Basic Knowledge - Team Training
We offer the initial basic knowledge requirements for all ergonomic team members or better yet; how about we add this knowledge to an existing quality team, continuous improvement team, lean process team to make those teams dually effective.
Our training is performed online, on demand to reduce the effects of team attrition.  We can also provide a face to face training to bring all members up to speed, especially if the team is newly formed.
Leadership Training
Teams required a leader.  Someone to organize and keep meetings and projects moving in a positive direction. 
We provide an ergonomic team lead with the skills to manage meeting timely and efficiently.  The information they learn aids in providing confidence and improves their ability to speak to management and leaders about what is required, why and what the outcomes should be.
Confidence, communication, and competency lead to sustainable and effective processes rather than a program.  Programs do not have sustainability processes do.
Subject Matter Expert Training
We also provide additional and specific training that allows more experienced members of the team to expand their knowledge in ergonomics and human factors bringing increased value to the team and company.  Take a look at the SME training page for details.
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