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Certified Ergonomic Consulting On-Demand


We offer this service to our clients who have committed to increasing quality, increasing productivity, and decreasing the risk of injury through a sustainable ergonomic process.


Every process on its way to sustainability is defined by its level of maturity.


Program Maturity Level Evaluation Questions:


  • Is leadership committed and is there a plan to move forward?

  • Have team members been trained adequately to recognize and fix small issues?

  • Have team members been adequately trained in the assessment of risk?

  • Have solutions to problems been developed or do they wither quickly?

  • Are processes in place to efficiently and effectively implement change?

  • Has the program become embedded as part of the overall business culture?

  • Are there mechanisms in place to maintain, nurture and sustain?


Part of having an effective ergonomics process is having access to an Experienced Board Certified Ergonomist with the expertise to document opportunities without increasing your liability.


Having a well-trained team, team leader, and stretching coaches can significantly reduce your ergonomic injury risk.


Having a team in place that is trained allows us to mentor and help manage your process without the requirement of travel and other costly consulting expenses.


Our online ergonomic consulting process works for government, industry or office environments.



Turn-Key Ergonomics Program Offer



Your single facility will provide the following annually: 


  • Leadership makes a 100% commitment to ergonomics.

  • Dedicated resources for the purchase of equipment and engineered solutions.

  • Allow time for team members to meet and create solutions - up to 4 hours per month.

  • Select your team members. You will need 12 excited people.


Our Company will provide the following: 


  • Train all your team members, your team lead, and 3 Subject Matter Experts (SME)

  • Train 6 stretching coaches.

  • Provide engineering and supervisor ergonomic training programs.

  • Work with your wellness program. (optional)

  • Include 10 Internet-based ergonomic evaluations where Teams or Team Leaders need additional assistance. Virtual analysis and/or project meeting attendance.

  • Provide an Ergonomics Maturity Index before and after implementation

  • Provide annual use of our patent-pending evidence-based risk analysis software.

  • Help create your ergonomics high moderate risk priority matrix.


All this for a fixed price.  You know the budget going in.  No long term consulting on an hourly basis.  You buy a turn-key program.


Initial Year's Cost: $65,000 per facility start-up package


Annualized Sustainability Cost: $18,700.00 per facility annually a two-year minimum











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