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Making Relationships Count

Choosing alliances is about trust, similar goals and desire for continuous improvement. Our philosophies on building better safety and ergonomics programs for world businesses have led us to create a proactive alliance with one of the world 's best insurers - Tokio Marine.
In keeping with Tokio Marine's "Anshin" (safety, security, and peace of mind) mission; Ergonomics International, LLC brings clients value providing preventative human factors reviews, ergonomic assessment, team education, and engineered solutions to Tokio Marine clients.  Built on a knowledge of trust for the client, positive outcomes, and sustainable solutions.
By working together we can improve quality, productivity, and safety to provide peace of mind.
Quality and Productivity Focus Leads to Ergonomic Success
Our alliance relationship over the last few years has shown how effective ergonomic education programs can be at helping prevent musculoskeletal risks in the workplace.  We have exceeded the numbers originally demonstrated in a 2008 study to put empirical power to our cost-benefit solutions which rely on the effectiveness of ergonomic interventions but focus on quality and productivity problems. 
Stretching and Ergo Breaks - They Can Be Effective Sustainable Solutions
Stretching programs have come a long way both in physiological performance and in how the programs are managed.  Originally a company would pay significant dollars to an onsite wellness program provider to have individuals lead stretching programs.  Next came the program of voluntary stretching.  Big fail.  Today, with the addition of technology we can effectively train and manage a company stretching program with only a few associate Certified Stretching Coaches and an online stretching program to bring everyone participating up to speed.  All for a fraction of the previous costs and better sustainability.


Human Factors - Reducing Human Error in your Company's Life Cycle

Safety, ergonomics, and injury reduction are all part of human factors.  Human factors - the science of human error reduction and determining actual root causes of quality, productivity, and comfort issues.


Stop blaming worker injury and safety issues on human behavior.  Human behavior can be attributed to many of poorly designed processes, flows, machinery, guarding, label design,  


Consider the following statement "Because of an early appreciation of the dual importance of both error reduction and error management, aviation has become one of the leading exponents of building HF into all aspects human performance."..."Particularly helpful in raising awareness of the importance of HF has been the trend to a Safety Culture in which people are increasingly willing to file safety reports about incidents which might not otherwise have come to light and help establish how circumstances transpired to create the error chain which led to an incident so that the response to it can be effective.

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We have used the terminology of "root cause" in safety for a long time.  Unfortunately, most incidents never resolve at the root cause and end up being managed as a human error rather than a system error.

We believe that the concept of error chain may be a better way to reduce incidents.  Linking all the causes in the system to the incident, not to one flawed human. Ergonomics International, LLC is focused on systems based solutions not workarounds or quick fixes as these only lead to additional error chain events.

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