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Ergonomic Catalog

Our Recommendations for Improved Comfort

Ergotron Front Mount Adjustable Workstations

The WorkFit-S height-adjustable standing desk with dual-monitor mount adds a complementary worksurface that remains stable while you work, yet easily moves when you sit or stand. It promotes wellbeing through innovative design and transforms everyday offices into ergonomic spaces. The workstation is easy to use and can be lifted or lowered with the push of a hand. The monitor mount and worksurface adjust independently, so you can position equipment in the way that works for you. WorkFit-S offers 360° screen rotation and can support two displays (up to 24") up to 25 lbs (11.3 kg). Includes a full five-year warranty. Available in black and white.

Sitmatic Chairs

  • PressureCast Foam: PressureCast foam cushions are used rather than cut foam to ensure seating comfort. Upholstery contours are retained during the life of the chair. Your chair lasts longer and feels better.

  • Lumbar Support: The scientifically engineered shape hugs and supports the back from lumbar to thorax.

  • Intuitive QuickBack: QuickBack allows you to move the backrest through an unprecedented 4" range in 11 increments. Fingertip control positions the lumbar bolster exactly where you need it. The visible lever encourages adjustment.

  • Ergonomic Foot Perch: Textured ridges on the end or our bases provide excellent traction when the base is used as a foot perch. Our safe cast aluminum bases are shatter-proof and will withstand decades of use and abuse.

Contour Input Devices

Contour Design is a global leader in the development, research, and design of ergonomic computer input devices such as RollerMouse and Contour Mouse. Founded in 1995 by Steve Wang, Contour Design Inc. designed the optimal computer mouse based on ergonomic research relating to computer use. Our award-winning ergonomic mouse alternatives are the result of almost two decades of research, development, and design initiative. In June 2013, we released our most versatile mouse to date, RollerMouse Red. With its central position in front of the keyboard, speed, precision and sleek aluminum design, the Red has totally revolutionized the way our customers work. In 2013 RollerMouse Red won the red dot Design award for bridging the gap between aesthetics and functionality.

Varidesk Surface Based Adjustable Workstations

VARIDESK® believes work should be comfortable, productive and energizing. That’s why we designed the Pro Plus series for anyone ready to take their workspace to the next level. 

Our simple design takes you from sitting to standing in just 3 seconds, requires no assembly and works with your existing furniture. Our best-selling, height-adjustable solution converts any desk into a standing desk, and it comes in a variety of sizes and styles suited to your workspace. This desk riser's two-tiered design gives you a spacious upper display area for your laptop, monitor, or even dual-monitor setup, while the lower deck has plenty of room for a full-sized keyboard, mouse and more. 

Because VARIDESK products come fully-assembled and ready to go right out of the box, transforming your workspace won’t disrupt your work. There are no complicated instructions and no tools required – simply place your VARIDESK on your desk or table, add your monitors, keyboard and mouse, and you’re ready to get back to work. When you feel like standing, adjusting your VARIDESK is simple too, because our spring-loaded boost mechanism and dual handle design makes it super easy to lift, lower and adjust to any of the 11 height settings. 

Our no-risk, 30-day guarantee makes it easy to see just how fast and simple it is to make the switch to VARIDESK sit-stand desk solutions. If you’re not happy with your VARIDESK within 30 days, simply give us a call and we’ll pick it up for free.

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