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COVID-19 - EMS (Employer Mitigation Solution)

Don’t let your company or facility become a national headline!  Class action lawsuits are currently being filed at a record pace.  Implement simple data-driven processes that can be used to make evidence-based decisions now!


Government mandates regarding COVID-19 abatement strategies are forcing companies to find ways to avoid fines, class action lawsuits, and local outbreaks.  In this new age, policies, documentation, and data will differentiate those companies who survive and those who do not. 

“Such failing included, but are [sic] not limited to, the failure to provide face coverings and gloves (or to provide face coverings which are unsealed and placed in public areas where they are subject to contamination), failure to update any injury and illness prevention program to account for COVID-19 and to properly train employees on such program; failure to enforce social distancing requirements; requiring employees to share employment spaces, computers, handsets, and other equipment and the subsequent failure to properly sanitize shared employment spaces/equipment; failure to provide sufficient breaks so that employees can wash their hands; and failing to install sufficient barriers/shields.”



Ergonomics International’s experts and evidence-based tools provide employers with the solutions necessary to prevent lawsuits.


Employees and supervisors have to ability to log concerns regarding social distancing, barriers, or PPE in the workplace.  As soon as a concern has been logged, responsible parties are emailed to assess and resolve the issue.


In addition, QR codes are used to track doors and other high touchpoints to log and ensure all surfaces are being cleaned.  This provides essential documentation that safe work practices have been followed in the event of a local outbreak. 


Our data-driven methods and simple strategies will provide you with the confidence and resources necessary to defend potential lawsuits. Don’t let your company or facility become the next national headline!


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