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BCPE Prep Course


We are the only organization that provides seminar and web-based preparation courses for the BCPE certification credentials.  However, the seminar is available only by special request for companies and organizations who can fill a class.  Our courses and mentoring programs are designed to improve confidence, and provide you with a focused format to devote your time to study and resource review.  However, what separates Ergo-Online from other web-based training is the one-on-one mentoring that we provide our participants.  We have documented results of our participants successfully passing the BCPE examinations since 1998.  To review the BCPE Core Competencies review this page.

We do not teach the test or the test questions; we focus on making sure participants understand the logic and thought processes specific to becoming a certified human factors/ergonomist/user experience professional.  Don’t accept the current 35% pass rate of first time exam takers.  Join those who have worked with us, to achieve a 98% pass rate on their first attempt taking the exam.


Course and Fees

Certified Physical Demand Analyst


The Certified Physical Demand Analysist training provides individuals with the skill set to accurately analyze and document the physical demands of jobs. Although often confused, Physical Demand Analysis and Ergonomic Risk Analysis are two completely different types of analysis that quantify job tasks in very different ways. Physical demand analysis quantifies the physical requirements to perform essential functions of a job does not attempt to quantify or associate risk of injury. Physical demand analysis supplement traditional job descriptions by providing quantified data for job tasks. Our physical demand analysis process is unique in that it emphasizes Visual Documentation™ techniques unique to our process. Physical demand reports are commonly used for return-to-work, post-offer / pre-hire testing, fit-for-duty testing, functional capacity evaluations (FCEs) and the develop of job specific functional testing protocols. Participants will learn how to define, measure, collect, and successfully document job physical demands. Individuals who complete the Certified Office Ergonomic Analysist training and pass the required exams will be certified to perform physical demand analysis.

Certification Criteria and Fees

Certified Functional Test Developer


The Certified Functional Test Developer draws upon a complete understanding of a physical demand report to develop task specific functional testing protocols. Tasks specific testing protocols closely replicate job specific tasks and seek to identify individuals who can and cannot perform essential functions of the job efficiently and safely without risk of injury to themselves or other workers. Functional test protocols can be used for return-to-work, post-offer / pre-hire testing, fit-for-duty testing or functional capacity evaluations (FCEs). Individuals who complete the Certified Functional Test Developer training and pass the required exams will be certified to develop functional testing protocols.


Certification Criteria and Fees

Ergonomic Team Trainings
Ergonomic Team Member Training

Creating self-sustaining ergonomic teams has been a large part of our business strategy.  We provide ongoing support while helping organizations learn to rely on internal resources that have the skills, understanding, problem solving, and business case experience to grow and sustain an effective ergonomics program.


Certified Ergonomic Technologist 

A basic starting foundation for all ergonomic team members.  CET Credential Details.


Certified ErgoTeam Leader

Teams need leaders so we have created a leader qualification to ensure process sustainability, time management, goal setting, action step monitoring and management reporting become innate in the ergonomic teams.


Certified Ergonomic Stretching Coaches 

Stretching can be beneficial in reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries when done in conjunction with other ergonomic risk reduction processes. Our stretching program integrates traditional static stretches and dynamic warm-up activities with specialized nerve glide stretches that are job task specific that target adhesions that can develop with areas such as the carpal tunnel and low back. The stretches and training can be customized to your company’s specific job tasks and unique needs. Individuals who complete the Certified Stretching Coach training, and pass the required exams, will earn a certificate to instruct individuals in proper warm-up and static stretching and nerve glide techniques.

Certification Criteria and Fees

Ergonomic Ergonomic Risk Analyst


This course is about taking your ergonomic risk evaluation skills to another level.  You will learn to effectively use and apply over 23 seperate risk analysis tools.  Some you may have heard of others are unique to specific work environments.  You will learn why risk analysis is  only the first step in improving a work place.


Certification Criteria and Fees




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