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Virtual Assessments

Technology is allowing us to provide better services without the cost of travel.
When you schedule a virtual assessment here is what you get:
Initial Consultation
The initial consultation is a short web-based conference call to discuss:
What are the issues you are having:
How long has the problem been happening?
What has been attempted to fix the problem thus far?
Receive a cost estimate from Ergonomics International, LLC.
Establish a deadline for completion.
Assessment Process
The assessment process is completed by having you submit a specified amount of video of the job or task that you want to assess.  We will provide you with a secure dropbox link for you to upload the video footage for Ergonomics International, LLC to review.
We will provide you with a completed confidentiality statement and will have you delete the footage at the end of the project.  No video footage will be stored or used after your project is complete. 
We will as general information about the job or task including production expectation, heights, weights, number of persons performing the job, length of job, rotation schedules, and discomfort complaints.
If you have an ergonomics team we will ask that they become involved in the implementation process for any solutions developed.


Solution Review

Once we have reviewed the video and data you provide we will provide you with a report of risk factors and/or human factors opportunities and solutions that would best meet the needs of your department.


We will monitor your problem until you let us know that it has been resolved or the production process has been modified to resolve the issue.


Schedule Your Initial Consultation

There are a number of ways to schedule your initial consultation:


1) Call us at 913-488-3127

2) Email us at

3) Book it



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