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Stretching Coaches Program

Over the years, traditional stretching programs have had difficulty showing significant and positive statically sound results.
There are probably a number of reasons this is well founded.
Static stretching has minimal long-term effects.
Companies relied heavily on the wellness program to implement and maintain the program.
Lack of accountability to complete the task of stretching routinely.
Job or task relatedness is always in question.
Poor interpretation of how individual stretching can be administered as a preventative measure.
Over the past few years, companies are revisiting the issue of stretching in the workplace.  We have been assisting these proactive organizations by providing Job/Task Specific Stretching Programs.
As part of the effective implementation, we have created an online/on-demand Certified Stretching Coach program.  This process increases sustainability, promotes inclusivity of all departments, adds the latest research of dynamic stretching which leads to physiological changes associates can actually see.
By having a certified stretching coach the program becomes cost-effective, not reliance on external persons.  Many companies have had the occupational health provider also become a Certified Stretching Coach to continue the continuity through the injury management cycle.
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