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Onsite Service Solutions
Whether you have a mature ergonomics program or you are just starting to think about ergonomics as part of your corporate safety program, we can help.
We can provide a variety of onsite services and consultation including:
  • Evidence-based Ergonomic Analysis
  • Team Building or Revitalization
  • Annual Ergonomic Audits
  • Annual Corporate Meeting Speaking
  • Special Ergonomic or Lean Projects 
  • Team Mentoring and Training
  • Engineering Involvement 
  • Ergonomic and Safety Culture Awareness 
We have worked with many companies large, medium and small.  Our goal is to help you evaluate where you have holes and find solutions and all along the way help you build a self-sustaining program to reduce musculoskeletal risk.
Because we spend most of our time actually on shop floors, in distribution centers, at manufacturing facilities or in healthcare communities we understand the issues.  We focus on working with those closest to the problem.  Teaching and assisting them in working with the engineers, suppliers or vendors who can help in designing out the issues to gain long term results.
We pride ourselves on having lasting relationships with our clients and the associates who gain confidence and trust in how we work with them creating commitment over time.  We focus on getting team-based solutions and quick implementation for long term fixes. 
If you have an issue you would like to discuss with us, give us a call or drop us an email
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