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Human Resource Solutions

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Taking a systems approach to the hire to retire process can make a significant impact on a business.  We have been involved with many companies who want to gain control over hiring qualified and physically capable staff.  They want to prevent injuries from occurring; however, if they do and the person is returning to their job they want to assure they can perform the physical demands of that job.  Lastly, if someone cannot return to the job for an occupational or non-occupational reason then they want a system in place to communicate that.
Defining, measuring and documenting the physical demands of the job becomes the cornerstone of the process.  Once these are completed, a specific function test is created specifically for the job and those hired or returning to that job are tested to those standards.
We have spent over three years researching and defining the physical demands of jobs applying peer-reviewed literature and published government publications.
The best part for a human resource department about having a well documented physical demand portfolio for each job is that now they have the ability to control the story and communication process if someone does become injured or ill.  Everyone is working on the same standards.  The employee, the company, the doctors, and the insurers.
Physical Demand Analysis and Reports
We offer the initial basic knowledge requirements for all ergonomic team members or better yet; how about we add this knowledge to an existing quality team, continuous improvement team, lean process team to make those teams dually effective.
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