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Certified Functional Test Developer Course and Instructional Processes to Certification



In order to obtain your credential as a Certified  Functional Test Developer you need to complete the following:


Prerequiste: Certification as a Certified Physical Demand Analyst


  1. Successfuly complete the seminar or online training program for the Certified Functional Test Developer.

  2. Pass each of the online sections with an 85% or higher mark.(Online course attendees only)

  3. Successfully pass the final exam with at least a score of 85% (Both online and seminar attendees)

  4. Submit 3 completed physical demand assessments for job specific tasks (Both online and seminar attendees)

  5. Submit 2 job specific functional tests for either pre-hire or post-offer use for one of the jobs you have submitted for the Physical Demand Analyst to be peer reviewed. (Both online and seminar attendees) 

  6. Annually complete the criteria for credential renewal.  This is a critial step in staying up with legislative and research related to providing these services to companies.  Annual Renewal Fee is $70.

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